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Valentines Day, Seattle Wine World

Weekly Newsletter – Valentine’s Day Selections

Passion, love, and romance. We’re experts on these subjects. Wine World and Spirits is a place where we get to experience and work with these feelings every day. We’re surrounded by thousands of bottles filled with passion, love and romance. It’s no wonder that we […]

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Drinking Through History with Geoff Schroeder

Drinking Through History with Geoff Schroeder – The Rise of the Handcrafted Beer

February 5, 2014

One Brewery that stands out in American history is Anchor Brewing from San Francisco.

Anchor is not only one of America’s oldest breweries but one that would eventually change the landscape of beer in this country and start a trend in craft and micro brewing before those […]

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Seahawks Win! Wine World Seattle

Victory Week at Wine World – Seahawks FTW

February 3, 2014

We have some awesome tastings this week at Wine World! Make sure to check them out on our website calendar!

Come celebrate the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl and get your celebration supplies from us!

This week:

February 5th – Snipes Mountain Brewing Inc. will be joining us from […]

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Whitney Meriwether Wine World Seattle

Raise a glass to the 12th man at the CLink and beyond!

January 31, 2014

“When it’s third and ten, you can take the milk drinkers and I’ll take the whiskey drinkers every time.”  Max McGee – 1932-2007 – Scored the first points in the first Superbowl.

Raise a glass to the 12th man at the CLink and beyond […]

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Geoff Weihenstephaner Wine World

Drinking Through History with Geoff Schroeder – The World’s Oldest Brewery

January 29, 2014

If we are going to look at beer throughout history, one brewery that has to be mentioned is Weihenstephaner.
Established in the year 1040, they lay claim to being the oldest continuously operated brewery in the world. The history of the brewery dates back to as […]

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Seahawks 12th Man Wine Wine World

Everything you need to stock up for an awesome 12th Man party this weekend!

January 29, 2014

Wine World & Spirits  – Locally Owned, Supporting All Things Local

Our Seahawks made it to the SuperBowl!

It seemed like a logical choice to give our staff the chance to be an active 12th Man […]

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