Washington Wine Favorites!

Washington Wine Favorites!

August 26, 2015

After having thoroughly enjoyed another spectacular Washington Wine Month and tasting through the ocean of local wines we would love to share with you some highlights that we thought were striking values.

The first is an absolute surprise to most. GREAT Pinot Noir is made in our state and we had the honor of sampling some recently. The 2006 vintage from Bainbridge Winery, which is the last year they were able to make Pinot, is drinking marvelously. At almost ten years old it has fruit, earth, structure, spice, and a solid finish.

This is a departure from Oregon Pinot and mimics the colder climates of Burgundy, the fruit flavours are more like tart cherries and pomegranates rather than the riper, almost maraschino cherry flavours that Oregon Pinots tend to deliver. The tannin structure is also more rigid than many Oregon Pinots, adding notes of antique furniture and baking spices. This is a great Pinot Noir made by horse drawn power on Bainbridge Island! They are as sustainable and organic as can be but they are not “certified”. This is a rare treat so enjoy it thoroughly while supplies last!

Bainbridge Winery Pinot Noir

Another local wine that really stood out to us this month was the Claret from Basel Cellars. It is a well-priced blend of Bordeaux grapes and drinks as well as wines two and three times more expensive. It is focused and has a great sense of self. It starts with very apparent aromas of red and purple flowers that are blended harmoniously with notes of spice, vanilla, and classically ripe fruits. What distinguishes this as a Washington State wine is the higher acidity – it is notably more tart than many of its California cousins. This exemplifies all that is great about Washington wine!

Basel Cellars Claret

The last feature is, of course, a Cabernet Sauvignon. It is one of the grapes that Washington does the best and loves the most. In the Ocean of Cabernet on the market they can all begin to taste the same but the Bergavin Lane Moonspell Cab is far more than just muddled fruit. It is focused and has a very clear message of style, strength, and finesse. It has dark and dense blackberry fruit flavours with a lightning streak of freshly cut bell pepper. These are accented with nuances from the barrel like baking spices and vanilla. This has everything a world class cabernet should have but at a very friendly price.

Bergavin Lane Moonspell Cabernet Sauvignon
$29.99 and it drinks as well as many that are twice the price!

Stop in today to pick up one of these amazing bottles to celebrate the last week of Washington Wine Month!