New Japanese Whiskeys!

New Japanese Whiskeys!

July 25, 2015

Nikka 17 Year Taketsuru Pure MaltShinshu MarsIchiro Akuto Chichibu

Many new and exciting things are happening in the spiritual realm!

You may hear tell of a whiskey shortage and the rumors are largely true; many fans of Japanese whiskey have been pining for their Nikka and Yamazaki.  After many months of searching and waiting we have received the Nikka 17 year Taketsuru Pure Malt!! The question is, why does the future have to take such a long, long time? Well, whiskey is patient and you can’t just put 17 year old spirits in the microwave when demand increases.  The supply of these fine whiskeys is very limited… So ready, fire, aim!

More exciting news on the whiskey front is from the Shinshu Mars distillery. This is the first time That Shinshu Mars whiskeys have been available for purchase in this part of the world! Shinshu Mars is a collection of superlatives.  It is owned by Hombo Shuzo LTD, one of the oldest distilling houses in Japan, and nestled in between two towering mountain ranges. At 800 meters it is the distillery at the highest elevation in Japan. Can you imagine the water source for these whiskies? They do most of their distilling in the winter time when the natural world is at the height of its in-breath. Much the same as a cold soak does for wine grapes, the cold winter temperatures keep everything cinched up tight, making escape very difficult for the volatile aromas and flavors.

Lastly, we received one bottle each of the new releases from one of the best new distilleries in the world, operated by Ichiro Akuto. The Chichibu distillery is located in the sticks about two hours west of Tokyo. Ichiro himself is the heir of a family tradition of distilling that is around five hundred years old. The most recent was his grandfather’s fabled Hanyu distillery, bottlings from which are exceedingly rare and costly.

Ichiro continues the tradition just down the road from that site. He is only sporadically releasing small quantities as his goal is to produce very old whiskies. Hence the name of his latest release: “On the Way”. There is no age statement on the bottle but we assume, since the distillery opened in 2008 and this bottling was done in 2013, that it is probably five years old.

First come, first served.

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James Cliff