Update For Family & Friends

Update for Friends and Family,


Good morning and happy holidays to all as we at Wine World & Spirits wanted to give you all an update and address a few items not only here but also from a few other internet based ‘information outlets.’   Lets begin.


First off, we wanted to give a warm and heartfelt THANK YOU to supervisor Jody, Jonathan and Captain Lisa @ the liquor and cannabis board for all of their information and time to have us back up and running while at the same time, partnering with the various different departments of the board to help as well.  Again, Thank you all listed.  These people are amazing in these important times.


Let’s begin with the update:  Since the new owners visit to Olympia and numerous phone calls with the listed individuals above, we have learned this:  From the company restructure and (partial) member buy out that originated in 2014, the company name was changed from Wine World Warehouse to the now beautiful name of Wine World & Spirits LLC.  While this transition was in progress, a new liquor license as applied for by the then owner in which he had to prove ownership and other law required documents.  This proceeding began in 2014 and was still going through 2015 when the then General manager purchased the company due to his vision in his staff and company potential in May.


Here’s where it all became a little tricky; being that there was an application still pending from the company change over (Wine World Warehouse to now Wine World & Spirits LLC.), and now new applications from a new owner in May some items were definitely confusing.  By policy, you cannot file applications on top of preexisting applications as we did not know this was still pending due to a non reply for our requested public records file from the Liquor & Cannabis board and in March and April and then again in July.  Not blaming just facts.  From this entire time the company’s licenses were in limbo as the new owners applications were denied and in limbo as well due to this…  No other reason.  With this, there has been much confusion even with individuals listed as apart of our company that have never been.  Again, thank you Jody at the board for all your help to clear all up.


Second, there have been reports of our license issue from not only the individuals noted in our comment section but also by Eric from ‘WallyHood’ blog (whom the owner has never met but respects) due to back taxes owed by our company.  This is simply…  Not true.  In fact, there’s an open case and investigation pending into one of Wine World Warehouse’s former members for that exact amount as this individuals name was implicated for many fraudulent items.  This was discovered in an audit preformed by Washington State auditors Eric Forsberg and Michael Vay-Arentz.  Our taxing and procedure agent at the board first name is Kevin, no one else.  All other comments are rumors and are truly inaccurate.



Third, in the statement of checks to vendors bouncing left & right, this did happen.  We were changing our media (currency) processing methods to a new company while our company deposits were delayed drastically.  We notified our banking institution of our missing deposits and they educated us on the troubles as well and suggested that the owner visit the banking branch personally in which he did.  Upon this visit, it was determined which partner would be affected.  After the knowledge was gained, the owner had cashier checks made for those affected partners and reached out to them all personally to make them aware of the upcoming dilemma.   Those partners then came to the store to collect their checks.  Lieutenant Woodrow Perkins was notified and has since closed that concern, as he understood the mistake was out of our control.  All other statements to this are false.


Fourth, hundreds and thousands in non-paid back rent owed by Wine World & Spirits LLC.?  Again, simply not true.  In fact new rent terms had been negotiated and accepted by the new owner and it’s Landlord.


Fifth, David LeClaire was unceremoniously run off.  Not factual and not true again.  He was voted out.  In fact, the new owner had reached out to meet with Mr. David LeClaire after he attended an event of Wine World & Spirits at Wine World & Spirits while passing out brochures for his upcoming event.  That invitation was not declined.  Mr. LeClaire simply did not show to the meeting.


Lastly, Melinda Wells and JoAnna Forwell, were once apart of Wine World Warehouse.  Melinda and David LeClaire were closely involved as she also coordinated events held at Wine World Warehouse. JoAnna was and is a very close to David LeClare so we understand taking up for a friend is very important.  The new and current owner however, is committed to Wine World & Spirits LLC., the wonderful customers whom we serve and most importantly, his staff and their integrity.


So with all of this, from our Wine World & Spirits family to yours, happy holidays, thank you for the support and please support local business.


Wine World & Spirits