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Wine World offers tastings every day of the week from 6-8pm, which includes: Monday & Tuesday a taste of our Wine of the Day; Wednesday a beer or cider sampling; Thursday a tasting from a Local Washington Winery; and on Friday a tasting from a featured winery. On weekends, we have wine tastings at the tasting bar from 2-5pm, unless otherwise noted.

December 12, 2013

Category: Wine TastingMilbrandt at Tasting Bar

Milbrandt Winery will be joining us for our Think Local Thursday wine tasting series.

Every Thursday at Wine World, we like to invite a local winery to join us at our wine tasting bar. Showcasing amazing wines that the Northwest has to offer and building the local winecommunity is our specialty. Please join us at these free tastings every Thursday night from6-8pm. We know that you'll love our store and these wines. You won't leave disappointed!

Wine makers want to schedule a tasting for store customers at our tasting bar? Check out our Contact Us page to get in touch with our Staff!