Wine World & Spirits is offering Wine Education Experiences! A perfect solution for previously mediocre group activities, these educational experiences will engage your group while offering them a smattering of delicious wines that have been hand selected by local Sommeliers to enjoy and delight their senses. Each educational experience will be customized for your group and will offer the expertise of some of the best wine professionals in the city.

Learn to taste like a Sommelier

Have an Advanced Sommelier from The Court of Master Sommeliers guide you through the revealing process of tasting wine like a professional with a lineup of wine that is custom-fit for your group. This step-by-step process will arm you with all of the tools necessary to explore the world of wine going forward, help you to find out which wine styles are your best fit and give you the base vocabulary to accurately describe wine. 10-60 ppl $

Explore Champagne

Travel to Champagne without leaving Seattle with this experience that will transport you to one of the most celebrated wine styles in the world. Popping bubbles and learning about the most premium style of sparkling wine that the world has to offer will never have a dull moment. 10-60ppl $

Stocking your Cellar

For the to-be collector as well as established collectors that would like to explore the advice of an Advanced Sommelier in stocking their cellar, this experience will guide you through some older and recent vintages of iconic wines while talking about ageability, scores, cellar conditions and the overall business of collecting smart, not hard…. 10-20 ppl $

Explore Washington Wine

Take a sensory trip through our own backyard and explore Washington Wines and what is new and exciting about this now established fine wine region that we have unlimited access to. 10-60ppl $