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The Story of Ancient Wine: Myth, Mystery and Religion - April 13th

Sommelier Arnie Millan will conduct a fun and fascinating class on the story of Ancient Wine, just in time for the holidays.

Our story begins during the Neolithic era. We will explore the role of wine in ancient societies, such as classical Greece and Rome, and wine’s role in religion, ending with the dawn of the Christian monastic orders. In a sense, the history of wines is nothing less than the history of civilization.

We will taste 8 wines whose grapes have ancient pedigrees. The cost is $39 per person.

Introduction to Wine Series

Wine World is delighted to offer wine classes, perfectly designed to bring out the wine expert in everyone!

Sommelier Arnie Millan presents the Introduction to Wine Class series beginning Sunday April 27th, 2014 until June 15th. The program of six classes is scheduled every Sunday from 3:00 until 5:30 p.m. at Wine World & Spirits at 400 N.E. 45th Street (98105), just of I-5 and the 45th Street exit.

The classes include thorough tastings of 8 wines during each class and will be offered for $39 per class or $225 for the entire 6 class series.

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Topics covered will be:

April 27th - Grapes, Viticulture and Winemaking

We will learn a glossary of important wine terms, discuss the major international grape varieties as well as the basics of viticulture and winemaking.

May 4thth – A Tour of Spain
Spain’s wine history is the oldest in Europe and its wine regions reveal a wealth of indigenous grapes far beyond the famous Tempranillo. Explore Spain’s dynamic and exciting wine scene.

May 18th - A Survey of Italy
Italy is one of the world’s greatest wine regions with an unbelievable treasure trove of terrific indigenous grape varieties. We will cover all 19 wine regions and taste 8 delicious wines made from native grapes.

May 25th - A Tour of France
France is the touchstone for fine wine, the benchmark by which quality wine is judged. We will de-mystify and explain all their major regions including Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Alsace and the Rhône Valley.

June 1st – New World Wines (U.S., Australia, Canada, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, New Zealand)
If Europe is called the “old world” then this class covers everything else including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and China. Whew!

June 8th – Wine/Food pairing, Germany/Austria
Germany and Austria make some of the planet’s finest wines but few are aware of this. This class will definitely change your perception of these wines. The second half of the class focuses on food and wine pairing with a handout detailing Arnie’s Rules of Food and Wine Pairing.


Wines of Italy In-Depth Italy! The Land of the Vine, according to the ancient Greeks; nowhere else is wine so closely intertwined with daily life in every village throughout the Italian peninsula – not even France. Nowhere else is there such a enormous array of excellent native varietals. 3. April 6th - The North (Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta, …

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Wine World offers tastings every day of the week from 5-7pm, which includes: Monday & Tuesday a taste of our Wine of the Day; Wednesday a beer or cider sampling; Thursday a tasting from a Local Washington Winery; and on Friday a tasting from a featured winery. On weekends, we have wine tastings at the …

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Wine Tastings

Wine World offers wine tastings every day of the week at our beautiful tasting bar, Monday-Friday 6-8pm and Saturday & Sunday 2-5pm. Every evening we will feature up to 10 different wineries, from near and far. The next evening you might taste from a diverse portfolio of imported wines, taking a virtual trip around the …

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