Wine World's Gadget Gal presents the Colossal Ice Cube Tray

Colossal Ice Cube Tray Wine World

Wine World’s Gadget Gal presents the Colossal Ice Cube Tray

Wine World Gadget Gal here….

Colossal Ice Cube Tray Wine World

I love gadgety things.  I’ve been a lover of gadgets ever since watching  the way my Grandma’s sifter made soft, fluffy mountains of flour with the spin of a handle.  (Her pie was a source of love as well…)  And from there I’ve grown to adore a wide ranging collection of tools, from the best corkscrew in the world to my spiralizer.  You know how people have those ‘100 Places to See before You Die’ lists?  Well, my list is titled ‘100 Gadgets to Try Before I Die’.

You may not know this, but Wine World has a housewares department with fabulous gadgets…gadgets I lust after.  And you will too.  Because I’m going to tell you about the best of the best.  Some will be for using with wine, others with spirits or beer. I’ll even throw in some houseware items or books from time to time.

I discovered this gadget last week when I was browsing through the store.  The ‘Colassal Ice Cube Tray’.  I was drawn to…well…the colossal size of the cubes (2” x 2”) and the incredibly cool looking, extremely square edges it produces.  But it’s not just for looks.  It’s perfect for any Scotch or Whiskey drinker who likes their drink on the rocks.  This rock is like an iceberg…taking ages to melt…  The result?  The Scotch or Whiskey you’re drinking has significantly less dilution as you drink (yes, I tested this…pretty sure the situation required it).

The Colossal Ice Cube Tray is made from silicon rubber, so the ice cubes don’t just pop out like they do with regular ice cube trays.  You have to twist and shimmy them out (think woman-putting-on-a-Spanx  kind of shimmy).  Once they are out, they glisten in beautiful square, sharp-edged wonder.  (Well, unless you’re me.)  My cubes were, frankly, a distinctly unsquared shape, as I had placed them on a slight slope in the freezer, causing an angled effect.  I don’t recommend it, so please, take the time to make sure they are on a flat surface as they freeze instead of perching them precariously between the frozen peas and Traders Joe’s chicken tamales.

Colossal Ice Cube Tray Wine World SeattleI love it when a gadget turns into more than a one trick pony!  Our Colossal Ice Cube Tray has other uses in the kitchen.  You can freeze foody things – like perfect amounts of liquids for cooking.  With each square holding a full half cup, it’s very handy to have pre-portioned amounts ready to pop in a sauce.  I use it for homemade chicken stock, but you could also use it with leftover wine (Leftover wine?  Who does that?) for sauces. You can also freeze pesto, yogurt or homemade baby food.  When I use the tray for the foody items, I remove the items as soon as the freezing process is done and place them in a baggy or food container and return to the freezer.  This frees up the tray for more use.

Come on in and check these out.  You’ll love it as much as I do!  Or think ahead to Valentines Day – it’s the perfect gift for the serious scotch or whiskey drinker.

Colossal Ice cube Tray:   $9.99