Spirits Corner Presents: Expresiones del Corazon de Agave

Spirits Corner Presents: Expresiones del Corazon de Agave

Tequila Corazon de Agave has released a very special line of Tequilas known as:

Expresiones del Corazon de Agave

“Follow Corazon as they embark on a mission to create Tequila like you’ve never experienced before…”

Part 1: What’s in a barrel?

Expresiones del Corazon de Agave Wine WorldMany people know that American Bourbon and American Rye Whiskey must be aged in a charred, new American oak barrel. If you didn’t, then you’ve learned something already! As Bourbon and Rye matures in these barrels, the wood imparts a wondrous array of color and flavor to enhance the spirit inside. Eventually, whiskey reaches its peak, gets removed from the barrels, and gets put into glass to be finally presented to consumers around the world. But what happens to the barrel? After only a single use, there is a lot of life left in the barrel and plenty of flavors to give. Furthermore, some of that delicious whiskey is left behind soaked into the interior of the barrel. As a result, Bourbon barrels get sent all over the world to age everything from beers, rums, brandy, other whiskies… and in this case, tequila.

The people behind Corazon Tequila have partnered up with the Sazerac Company to source some of the most prestigious barrels that the American Whiskey industry has to offer. Sazerac is the company that owns the Buffalo Trace distillery in Kentucky and is responsible for the exceedingly rare and sought after Pappy Van Winkle and George T. Stagg Bourbons as well as some of the more common staples in and well stocked bar such as Buffalo Trace Bourbon and Sazerac Rye Whiskey.

Sazerac has granted use of these barrels to age a very special allotment of Corazon tequila produced by the San Matias family at the Distillery Tequila San Matiás de Jalisco. The San Matias family is widely respected for not only the Corazon de Agave line, but also for making Carmessi Reposado, Casa San Matias Extra Anejo, the Pueblo Viejo line and the mighty Rey Sol Anejo.

For the Expressiones del Corazon project, five different tequilas were produced including one Blanco, one Reposado, and three different Anejo offerings. The Reposado was aged for 10.5 months in ex-Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels. One Anejo was aged for 22 months in George T. Stagg Bourbon barrels, another for 23 months in Old Rip Van Winkle Bourbon barrels, and the third was aged for 24 months in Sazerac Rye barrels.

Check back with me next week as I delve into the details of each one. I’ll actually be cracking into each and tasting them as well. Since each offering has less than 6000 bottles available worldwide, I need to pick up a set for myself anyway. See you then!

Wine World and Spirits has 12 bottles each of the Expresiones del Corazon de Agave line.