California Wines and Happy Memories by Shelly

California Wines and Happy Memories by Shelly

Shelly Wine Pick CaliforniaI’m a California girl…born and raised.  The middle child in a family of non-drinkers, my path to a passion and excitement for wine was born in my college years.  On weekends, travelling the back-roads of Napa, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obipo, Paso Robles and any other place that struck us, my boyfriend (now husband) and I would visit wineries and vineyards, tasting and developing an appreciation for the happiness created by sharing a good bottle of wine.  My husband would laugh and say, “Wine makes you so happy!”  And it does…in every bottle is the magic of the soil, sun and winemaker’s touch.

My wine education has moved far beyond those happy days in the Central Coast of California, but those wines have a special place with me. For this reason, California wines are a great place to kick off the beginning of my official blogging.

Pinot Noir can grow beautifully in Santa Barbara. but because of its cool climate the coastal region wine makers have had to experiment on types of clones, rootstocks and trellising due to its particular soil and weather conditions. This causes them to work harder on an already difficult grape varietal.  Any winemaker who has this much passion for their creations makes me feel excited about trying their wine.

Byron Pinot Noir 2012 Santa Barbara County presented by winemaker Jonathan Nagy is a must try for anyone interested in seeing what cool climate California Pinot Noir is all about, without breaking the bank ($19.99).  – I remember my college budget vividly! – This was a particularly cool vintage, but the wine still is able to capture the floral, mineral and fruit character of a typical Santa Barbara Pinot Noir.

Cheers and Enjoy!

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