Be local, be proud! - Guest Post by 2bar Spirits

Be local, be proud! – Guest Post by 2bar Spirits

We at 2bar Spirits are proud to be 100% handmade from all local grains. We have found that our approach is fairly unique, for one simple reason. It is bloody difficult to be entirely grain-to-glass.

Why is it so hard? It takes a ton more labor and effort, production is significantly more difficult, and is much more expensive. So, why do we do it? Because we love it. There is nothing more rewarding than purchasing whole grains directly from the farmers who grew it and taking that grain all the way to spirit.

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We own every aspect of the process from milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling, aging, bottling and labeling. When everything is done onsite, there is a pride in crafting fine spirits as distillers have been doing for hundreds of years. We also have full control over the flavor and quality of the spirit, which you can’t get any other way.

This approach is also true to our family roots. The name 2bar comes from the 2bar ranch, which has been in the family for over five generations. They have a history of working local, sourcing local, and making things onsite.

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Be sure to stop by 2bar for a tasting and tour. You can also checkout these other 100% handmade distilleries: Letterpress Distilling, Seattle Distillery Co, Sidetrack Distillery that are amongst a few. Sidetrack actually grows everything themselves… How awesome is that!

2bar Distillery SeattleAbout 2bar® Spirits:
More than a century ago the Kaiser family settled their South Texas land and established the 2bar Ranch. Five generations of Kaisers have ranched that land under the 2bar brand. Rumors of moonshining are also part of the family tree, but that’s not what people remember about 2bar. For more than a century, 2bar has stood for quality, independence and hard work. Today, we are applying those characteristics to 2bar fine crafted spirits.

Wine World & Spirits has been a huge supporter of our products and you can find our Vodka and Moonshine available there! We recently released 2bar Bourbon, the first all local made in Seattle Bourbon, which can also be found at Wine World. The next release will be in late November, so be on the lookout!