Northwest Spirits

For In-Store Pick-ups, please call ahead to make sure your item is in stock.

On June 1, 2012, Wine World and Spirits began selling liquor. Wine World is selling spirits directly to the consumer, as well as  to Class H business establishments.The pages on our web site show the range of products we plan to carry and have ordered. Some items have not arrived yet or have quickly sold out and will be re-ordered promptly. We should be able to and plan to carry most of not all of these items and more as soon as our deliveries arrive. Local distributors have been hard-pressed to keep up with the supply and delivery to over 2000 stores now selling spirits. While most of the stores carry no more than 100-300 items versus our 2000 plus, the deliveries they need have been very difficult on the internal systems of the distributors who supply us with our spirits.

Holding true to our dedication in supporting local businesses, we are showcasing every  Northwest distiller     that is currently available as well as offering premium brand liquor from around the world. We are busy preparing for this exciting new addition to our store.

As a local business, Wine World and Spirits takes special pride in supporting other local businesses in the beverage industry. Northwest distilleries from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Vancouver BC will be prominent amongst our spirit offerings directly to the consumer and to our Class H business customers.

Please browse the listings of Northwest distilleries and their available spirits from absinthe to whiskey. We want to hear which Northwest Spirits that you really to buy at WINE WORLD and SPIRITS. This list will be updated regularly.

Washington Brandy Producers

Blue Flame   Brandy
Ellensburg Distillery    Brandy

Oregon Brandy Producers

Clear Creek   Oregon Pot Distilled Brandy

Washington Gin Producers

8 O’Clock Distillery    Northwest Dry Gin
Batch 206 Distillery Counter Gin
Bainbridge Organic Distillers    Heritage Douglas Fir Gin
Blue Flame Spirits     Back Bar Gin
Blue Flame Spirits     Premium Gin
Captive Spirits Big Gin
Carbon Glacier Distillery
    Quimby and Jack’s Distilled Dry Gin
Dry Fly Distilling    Dry Fly Gin
Fremont Mischief    Gin
Its 5 O’clock    Gin
Lachselian Wine & Spirits
Mac Donald Distillery    ISIS Gin
Oola Distillery    Oola Gin
Pacific Distillery    Voyager Dry Gin
San Juan Island Distillery    Spy Hop Gin
San Juan Island Distillery    Seasonal Spy Hop Gin
San Juan Island Distillery    Spy Hop Harvest Select Gin
Sounds Spirits Distillery    Ebb + Flow Gin
Sounds Spirits Distillery    Old Tom Gin
Sun Liquor Distillery    Gun Club
Sun Liquor Distillery    Hedge Trimmer Gin
Voyager   Gin
Wishkah River Distillery

Oregon Gin Producers

Cricket Club Gin
Crater Lake Cascade Mountain Gin
No. 1 Gin
Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin

Washington Grappa – Eau de Vie

9 O’Clock Distillery    Grappa
10 O’Clock Distillery    Cherry Brandy
Blue Flame Spirits   Blue Flame Spirits Grappa
Golden Distillery    Several fruit brandies
Its 5 O’clock Apple Brandy
Its 5 O’clock Apricot Brandy
Its 5 O’clock Cherry Brandy
Its 5 O’clock Grappa
Its 5 O’clock Nectarine Brandy
Its 5 O’clock Pear Brandy
Its 5 O’clock Plum Brandy
Its 5 O’clock Pluot Brandy
San Juan Island Distillery    Eau di Vie Apple Brandy
San Juan Island Distillery    
Thimbleberry Brandy
San Juan Island Distillery    
Blackberry Brandy
Sidetrack Distillery    
Blueberry Brandy
Sidetrack Distillery    Strawberry Brandy
Soft Tail Spirits    Grappa Giallo
Soft Tail Spirits    Grappa Blanco
Soft Tail Spirits    Grappa Sangiovese
Soft Tail Spirits    Grappa Cabarnet
Soft Tail Spirits    Grappa Reserve

Oregon Grappa – Eau de Vie 

Clear Creek  Apple  Eau-De-Vie 2Yr
Clear Creek  Apple  Eau-De-Vie 4Yr
Clear Creek   Apple  Eau-De-Vie 8Yr
Clear Creek   Apple-In-Bottle  Eau-De-Vie
Clear Creek Cavatappi Grappa Of Nebbiolo
Clear Creek Cavatappi Grappa Of Sangiovese
Clear Creek   Douglas Fir  Eau-De-Vie
Clear Creek Framboise Raspberry  Eau-De-Vie
Clear Creek Grappa Moscato
Clear Creek Grappa Of Oregon Pinot Noir
Clear Creek Grappa Of Pinot Grigio
Clear Creek Kirschwasser Cherry  Eau-De-Vie
Clear Creek Marc De Gewurztraminer
Clear Creek Mirabelle Plum  Eau-De-Vie
Clear Creek Pear-In-Bottle  Eau-De-Vie
Clear Creek Slivovitz Blue Plum  Eau-De-Vie
Clear Creek William’s Pear Eau-De-Vie

Idaho Grappa – Eau de Vie

Koenig Apricot Brandy
Koenig Cherry Brandy
Koenig Grappa
Koenig Pear Brandy
Koenig Plum Brandy

Washington Liqueurs

5 O’Clock Distillery    Elderberry Liqueur
5 O’Clock Distillery 
   Rhubarb Liqueur
5 O’Clock Distillery    Pear Liqueur
BroVo Spirits     Rose Geranium Liqueur
BroVo Spirits      Lemon Balm Liqueur
BroVo Spirits    Lavender Liqueur
BroVo Spirits    Ginger Liqueur
BroVo Spirits      Douglas Fir Liqueur
San Juan Island Distillery    Lavender and Wild Rose Liqueur
San Juan Island Distillery    Island Summer Liqueur
Sidetrack Distillery    Raspberry Liqueur
Sidetrack Distillery    Strawberry Liqueur
Sidetrack Distillery    Blueberry Liqueur
Sidetrack Distillery    Blackberry Liqueur
Sound Spirits Aquavit
Sound Spirits V.O.S. Herbal Liqueur

Oregon Liqueurs

Clear Creek Blackberry Liqueur
Clear Creek Cherry Liqueur
Clear Creek Cranberry Liqueur
Clear Creek Loganberry Liqueur
Clear Creek Pear Liqueur
Clear Creek Raspberry Liqueur
House Spirits Coffee Liqueur
Krogstad Aquavit
Stein Blackberry Cordial
Stein Huckleberry Cordial
Stein Raspberry Cordial
Stein Rhubarb Cordial
Yogd Dutch Harbor Breeze
Yogd Good Morning Glory

Oregon Rums

Deco Coffee Rum
Deco Ginger Rum
Deco Gold Rum
Deco Silver Rum
Pacific Rum
Red Island Finger Lime Rum

Washington Spirits – other

Gnostalgic Spirits     Marteau Absinthe
Pacific Distillery  
Pacifique AbsintheScrappy’s Aromatic
Scrappy’s Cardamom
Scrappy’s Celery
Scrappy’s Grapefruit
Scrappy’s Lavender
Scrappy’s Lime
Scrappy’s Orange
Scrappy’s Theo Chocolate
Sodo Spirits Distillery    Evenstar schochu

Washington Vodka

Bainbridge Organic Distillers    Organic Heritage Vodka
Batch 206 Distillery    Batch 206 Vodka
Blue Flame Spirits     Back Bar Vodka
Blue Flame Spirits     Pepper Vodka
Blue Flame Spirits     Premium Vodka
Carbon Glacier Distillery    B4 Premium Handcrafted Vodka
Dry Fly Distilling    Dry Fly Vodka
Fremont Mischief Vodka
Lachselian Wine & Spirits    Glass Vodka
Mac Donald Distillery    ISIS Vodka
Oola Distillery    Pepper Vodka
Oola Distillery    Oola Vodka
Project V Distillery    Single Silo Vodka
Project V Distillery    Single Silo Vodka 100 proof Distillers’ Cut Unfiltered
Project V Distillery    Double Silo Vodka
Skip Rock Distillers    Skip Rock Potato Vodka
Soft Tail Spirits    Soft Tail Spirits Vodka
Sun Liquor Vodka
Wishkah River Distillery    Grain Vodka
Wishkah River Distillery    Honey Vodka
Woodinville Whiskey Company    Peabody Jones Vodka

Oregon Vodka

Crater Lake Hazelnut Espresso Vodka
Crater Lake Mazzama Pepper Vodka
Crater Lake Reserve Vodka
Crater Lake Vodka
Hot Monkey
Indio Vodka Blood Orange
Indio Vodka Lemongrass-Lime
Indio Vodka Marionberry
Indio Vodka Silver
Indio Vodka Wasabi
Lavishmint Spearmint Flavored Vodka
Medoyeff Vodka
Mud Puddle
New Deal
Portland 88
Stein Rye Vodka
Yogd Dog Watch Vodka

Idaho Vodka

Glacier Potato Vodka
Koenig Huckleberry Flavor Vodka
Koenig Potato Vodka ID

Washington Whiskey: Bourbon & Rye

Carbon Glacier Distillery     Grey Street Bourbon
Fremont Mischief Rye Whiskey
Fremont Mischief John Jacob Rye Whiskey
Woodinville Bourbon Whiskey
Woodinville Rye Whiskey

Oregon Whiskey: Bourbon & Rye

Burnside Bourbon
Stein Bourbon
Stein Rye
Temperance Bourbon

Washington Whiskey (other)

Its 5 O’clock Moonshine
Its 5 O’clock Sunshine
Its 5 O’clock Wheat Whiskey
6 O’Clock Distillery White Corn Whiskey-Moonshine
Bainbridge Organic Distillers Organic Battle Point Whiskey
Blue Flame Spirits Corn Whiskey
Carbon Glacier Distillery Rebellion Whiskey
Dry Fly Distilling Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey
Ellensburg Distillery Whiskey
Golden Distillery Single Malt Samish Bay Whiskey
Golden Distillery White Gold Whiskey
The Hardware Distillery Whiskey
Mac Donald Distillery “White Dog”
Parliament Distillery Aged Whiskey
Parliament Distillery Un-Aged Moonshine
Skip Rock Distillers Headwaters Whiskey
Wishkah River Distillery Wanigan River Whiskey
Woodinville Whiskey Company Harvest Release American Whiskey
Woodinville Whiskey Company White Dog Whiskey

Oregon Whiskey (other)

House Spirits White Dog Whiskey
Steinshine Corn Whiskey