For In-Store Pick-ups, please call ahead to make sure your item is in stock.

On June 1, 2012, Wine World and Spirits began selling liquor. Wine World is selling spirits directly to the consumer, as well as  to Class H business establishments.The pages on our web site show the range of products we plan to carry and have ordered. Some items have not arrived yet or have quickly sold out and will be re-ordered promptly. We should be able to and plan to carry most of not all of these items and more as soon as our deliveries arrive. Local distributors have been hard-pressed to keep up with the supply and delivery to over 2000 stores now selling spirits. While most of the stores carry no more than 100-200 items versus our 2000 plus, the deliveries they need have been very difficult on the internal systems of the distributors who supply us with our spirits.

Holding true to our dedication in supporting local businesses, we are showcasing every  Northwest distiller that is currently available as well as offering premium brand liquor from around the world. We are busy preparing for this exciting new addition to our store.

Want To Be A Member Of A Local Spirits Club?
We can’t do general public tastings for spirits yet, but we can host private clubs for enthusiasts who have their own club! Email us if you want referrals to local “spirits clubs” of the spirit of your choice!