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Wine World features seven stemware lines, the largest selection in the Northwest! We have wine glasses  for parties, elegant dinners and even Sommelier glasses from Riedel for the most discerning wine drinker. In addition to wine glasses, we stock a variety of cocktail tumblers and martini glasses, including beautiful  hand blown decorative cocktail glassware from Bormioli.  Beer lovers can stock up on pilsners, mugs and beer goblet glassware.

Our wine decanter selection varies from the basic budget version to beautifully crafted wine decanters for your finest wine investments.

Arcoroc has stemware and tumblers for water, wine, spirits and more. Arcoroc wine glasses are renown for their fine rims to enhance your tasting experience. Shop Arcoroc for wine glasses on a budget.




Bormioli Cocktail Glassware

Bormioli  glassware production can be traced back to the middle ages. Originating in Italy, Bormioli glassware is as beautiful as it is functional. Bormioli Rocco  creates its finest and most harmonious stemware shapes in crystal. Their crystal stemware is dishwasher safe yet boasts of superior technology in both the pulled stems and laser cut thin rims.

Eisch is known as the “breathable” wine glasses. We carry the Eisch wine glasses and decanters. The glass in Eisch stemware has been created with a oxygenating process that allows the glass to absorb oxygen and release it into the wine. Reportedly Eisch glassware aerate the wine within two to four minutes, rather than the one to two hours it would take to decant them the old-fashioned way.

Riedel stemware, from Austria, is one of the best known and regarded stemware in the world. Claus Riedel was the first person in the long history of the glassware to design its shape according to the character of the wine. Bowl size and slope are specifically manufactured to present a wine at its best, optimizing aroma and flavor.

spiegelau glasswareSpiegelau
Spiegelau glassware is made to endure thousands of trips through your dishwasher without breaking, clouding, scratching, or building up of residue. “As the glass goes from its powder to its liquid stage, liquid glass is passed through platinum-lined tubes to eliminate any impurities and remove all imperfections and inconsistencies that might otherwise exist.”

stolzle wine glassesStolzel
Stölzel has been manufacturing lead-free crystal glassware in Germany for over 200 years. Offering a number of wine glass lines, Stölzel has stemware to meet your budget, sense of style and your palate.

Waterford wine glassesIreland is famous for their beautiful Waterford crystal. Praised for their elegant style, Waterford crystal stemware make a statement at your dinner table.