BBQ Picks for Spring in Seattle

BBQ Picks for Spring in Seattle

BBQ’s can involve an incredibly diverse array of foods and flavors, so it’s hard to say what wine goes well with “all barbecue.” However, for RED WINE fans, here’s my first series of BBQ picks of local reds since we’re going to have more grilling weather before “June-u-ary” sets in! All of these wines just arrived at Wine World and Spirits and are current releases from these wineries. Stay tuned for my WHITE WINE BBQ Pics!

Kerloo Rose’ 2012 – $19.99
This delicious dry Rose’ is made from 100% Grenache grapes, typical of most Sothern French rose’s from Provence. Clean, crisp, refreshing, with just enough fruit to be interesting but not sweet. Rose’ is the perfect wine to sip on when firing up the BBQ and nibbling on cheeses, and can be especially great for the Northwest’s favorite seafood, grilled salmon! I often suggest dry Rose’ for a hot summer day for red wine lovers to enjoy and cool down a bit with as the day does the same, setting the stage for a bottle of good hearty red.

Purple Star Syrah 2010 – $14.99
 It’s pretty common to get smokey flavors and meats marinated in sweeter style BBQ & Teriyaki sauces. Should that be the case for your BBQ, Syrah is often a great pairing, as it’s a bold, rich wine that can stand up to the “subtle sweetness” in these kinds of foods and still taste great on its’ own. The 2010 Purple Star is no exception, big and dark and chewy enough to enjoy with a delicious steak or BBQ ribs!

Two Vintners Zinfandel 2009 – $19.99
Zinfandel is not too common in Washington – but is a great BBQ wine because of its tendency to present very ripe flavors. The Two Vintners is a classic example of the grape that California has loved for decades and we’re just getting to know – made by two young local winemakers who make wine for other wineries. This medium-bodied and highly aromatic wine would be perfect for mildly spicy foods on the grill, as it’s fruit forward nature will cool your palette after a lot of spice, and is unique enough that you’ll want to experience it on its’ own as well.

Now go fire up those grills!
David LeClaire
Sommelier & Founder or Wine World & Spirits