DeLeon Tequila Finally Hits The Shelf!

DeLeon Tequila Finally Hits The Shelf!

Be one the first in Washington to get your hands on a bottle of the Deleon Tequila- Never before have we had this exclusive brand in the state, and Wine World & Spirits in Seattle will be the first to carry it! Celebrities have recently been buying up this amazing tequila which has catapulted this tequila into cult status – and while it’s expensive and has great packaging, our whole spirits staff agreed that all 5 of their line-up were incredible too!

DeLeon TequilaMed

This week we had the privilege of getting a visit from Vik Raol, Brand Ambassador for DeLeon Tequila. For those who don’t know, DeLeon is an exquisite line of tequilas that are among the few that refuse to use any sort of coloring or flavor additives that are legally allowed under Mexican Law. Flavor additives you ask? Some producers (to remain nameless) use things like Wood Extract to flavor their tequila or (whisper it) Glycerin to taper the alcohol burn. DeLeon proudly shuns such ideas and is considered the purest tequila on record, as documented by the Consejo Regulador Del Tequila (Tequila Regulatory Council).

Beyond being pure and natural, the primary barrels that they use are 150 – 200 year old Haute Futaie French Oak barrels that introduce a nice softness to the tequila. Furthermore, they enhance their Anejo, Extra Anejo and Leona marks with barrels acquired from one of the finest Sauternes produces in the world. I know who, but they don’t officially tell, so I won’t. You’ll just have to come in to ask if you need to know! The Sauternes is a very nice accent on the nose with notes of fruitcake and sweetness that balance very well with the softness of the oak. All work harmoniously to enhance the agave instead of masking over it.

Accolades abound for everything from quality to flavor profile to packaging design. These tequilas have everything going for them. They are new to Washington State, so be sure to come on in and drop your name on my list, or email me at to be one of the first people in our Evergreen State to hold a bottle of DeLeon Tequila in your hands.

Wine World & Spirits has by far the widest range of Tequila and Mezcal in Seattle, and is best place to buy tequila in Washington State! Come by and see our incredible line-up!