Ardbeg's Ardbog New Secret Scotch Released

Ardbeg’s Ardbog New Secret Scotch Released

Discover Ardbog!

The Ultimate Islay Single Malt Scotch has just released this year’s secret new whisky, and Wine World & Spirits has it in stock because we are always looking for the newest releases! Referred to simply as Ardbog, this new release went on sale worldwide starting last week. Around 200 Ardbeg Committee members gathered at the Burke Museum to be present for the unveiling. They searched the museum for hidden coins and treasures to trade in for Ardbeg Day shirts, pins, etc. and got to enjoy a tasting of the already popular Uigeadail and Corryvreckan before being amongst the first in the world to try the new Ardbog.

Why the Burke Museum? It was a fitting setting for the archeological theme surrounding the whisky. Ardbeg tells of the historical treasures unearthed on Islay by digging into the peat bogs. Arrow heads, gold brooches, coins and even a 3000 year old bronze sword have been discovered thanks to the pursuit of peaty whisky. Running with this idea of heritage and archeological discovery, Ardbeg has come up with the new tagline “We all dig Ardbog!”
ArdbogOkay, okay… onto the whisky itself. Ardbog is a limited edition release (roughly 240 bottles allowed into Washington) to celebrate Ardbeg Day, which is June 1st around the world. The whisky is a marriage of Ardbeg matured in two different cask types. The raitio is 60% bourbon cask and 40% 10yr old ex-Manzanilla Sherry casks from Spain.  All of the whisky has matured for at least 10yrs, though the Ardbog bears no age statement. Ardbog is non chill-filtered and bottled at 52.1%ABV.

For flavor, you definitely get plenty of the signature Ardbeg peatiness. Most notable notes to compliment the peat are salty tones that get softened with a subtle sweetness from the Manzanilla casks. Not nearly as sweet as the Galileo release from last year though. In the words of Ardbeg’s Dr. Bill Lumsden himself:

At its heart our hallmark smoky yet fruity and floral spirit has been matured in Spanish ex-Manzanilla sherry casks for ten years, which has then been wrapped with traditional Ardbeg of the same age that is matured in American ex-bourbon oak casks. The Manzanilla maturation weaves salty flavours through the whisky which is then balanced with the maple syrup creaminess of the first-fill ex-bourbon casks.

This Scotch whisky surely won’t last long, so come by and pick some up while you can. We don’t just carry the same items all year around, we will bring in anything we can get! Wine World and Spirits is the best store in Seattle to shop for scotch, so you know that if it’s anywhere, you can find it here.