Valentine’s Day Blending Experience

Valentine’s Day Blending Experience

People can be a lot like grapes. How, you ask? Well, surely by now you’ve found that finding the right “blend” of personalities can be a challenge! The same can be said for wine! Some grapes can yield wine that is a little rough around the edges, some might be a little sharp, and some might be just a little too smooth or sweet, so much so they can be annoying! Winemakers often blend different grapes together to accomplish a variety of things, but primarily to achieve “balance.”

Come by and learn from Sommelier &  Wine World Founder David LeClaire what makes a great blend, and taste a few examples that really work. Then mix and mingle and make a few new friends as you team up with others and see what team can create the best blend that will be chosen by the entire group in a blind tasting when you’re finished creating your masterpiece.

Regardless if you’re single or a couple, this is a fun, interactive evening, and who knows, you might make new friends you blend well with along the way! Arrive early at 6 pm and you can taste wines at our free nightly tasting from Brian Carter, who specializes in and only does blends! Brian has become a legend for his blending prowess, and will have 4 world class wines to taste! Check out Brian’s winery at

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