Special Event - Dr. Bill Lumsden introduces the Glenmorangie Companta this Tuesday Feb 18th

Dr Bill Lumsden Wine World Seattle

Special Event – Dr. Bill Lumsden introduces the Glenmorangie Companta this Tuesday Feb 18th

Dr Bill Lumsden Wine World SeattleDr. Bill Lumsden is coming to Seattle! Come meet him at Wine World and Spirits as he introduces the newest whisky from Glenmorangie on Tuesday, February 18th.

If you are a fan of Scotch whisky, then you need to know who Dr. William (Bill) Lumsden is. A legendary figure in the scotch community, Dr. Lumsden has introduced many whiskies that have converted people to drink Scotch in the first place. He has spent the last 19 years working for the Glenmorangie Company and, more importantly, he has held the awesome title of Head of Distilling and Whisky Creation (I’m jealous…) for more than 15 of those years.

The Glenmorangie Company  owns both the eponymous Glenmorangie Distillery located near Tain in the Scottish Highlands as well as the Ardbeg Distillery on the Scottish island of Islay. As such, Dr. Lumsden has overseen the creation of such highly regarded whiskies as the Glenmorangie Cotes de Nuits finish, Malaga Wood Finish, Margaux Wood Finish, 25 year old, Astar, Signet, Sonnalta PX, Finealta, Artein, Ealanta and the deluxe Glenmorangie 1981 Pride. Ardbeg creations developed include Uigeadail, Airigh nam Beist, Rollercoaster, Alligator, Galileo and most recently the Ardbog.

Dr Bill Lumsden Wine World SeattleThe professional merits of Dr. Lumsden are as impressive as the whiskies that he has been instrumental in creating. He holds a BS (with honors) in Biochemistry from Glasgow University and a PhD in Microbial Physiology/Fermentation Science from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh. That’s right, he’s actually a Doctor! After his education was completed, he started working for United Distillers (known currently as the spirits giant Diageo). In the eight and a half years with United Distillers/Diageo, he wore many hats including research scientist, distillery manager, malting manager and quality assurance. Since moving to the Glenmorangie Company, he has been named Global Ambassador of the Year and twice as Whisky Innovator of the Year by Whisky Magazine, Scottish Distiller of the Year from the International Wine and Spirits Competition, and last but not least, become the only person to have been honored three times with The Malt Advocate ‘Industry Leader of the Year’ Award. Whew!

This Tuesday, February 18th 2014, Dr. Lumsden will be at Wine World and Spirits from 5:30PM to 7PM. Come meet the man himself, get some bottles signed, and taste through the Glenmorangie core line. If that isn’t enough, we will be able to taste and buy his newest creation… Glenmorangie Companta.

Glenmorangie Companta Wine World SeattleThe Glenmorangie Companta is the fifth release in the Private Edition series, a highly awarded line of limited releases including the Sonnalta PX, Finnealta, Artein, and Ealanta. The Companta (Gaelic for ‘Friendship’) is the result of a marriage of two different cask finished whiskies. The first whisky started its life in 1999 and rested for the usual 10 years in ex-bourbon barrels, much like the Glenmorangie Original. However, Dr. Lumsden decided to put the whisky into a small parcel of Grand Cru Burgundy casks from the prestigious Clos de Tart winery in France. There it matured for an additional 4 years, making the whisky just shy of 15 years old. The second whisky started its first 10 years in 1995, again in ex-bourbon barrels. In 2005, Dr. Lumsden shifted it over to sweet fortifed Côte du Rhône wine casks from the Rasteau AOC. There it acquired an impressive eight additional years. The two whiskies were married together at a ratio of 60% Clos de Tart, 40% Rasteau and were allowed to mingle for together for six months before being crowned ‘Companta’.

Come join us for this rare opportunity to meet the man responsible for making some of the finest whisky in the world!