Who won Sip and Slurp 2013?

Who won Sip and Slurp 2013?

Second annual Sip & Slurp, on May 12, celebrated Seattle Beer Week with oysters and beer at Wine World & Spirits.

sip_slurpTaylor Shellfish was on hand, shucking delicious oysters to pair with the Northwest beers. The oysters were so delicious, that Taylors ran out of oysters for the event. They had to run out to grab more oysters to satisfy the demand for salty, briny goodness.

Fifteen different beers were available for pairing with the oysters.  A diverse beer line up included everything from a Wit to an oyster stout to a Belgian tripel. Although stouts are usually considered the “go-to” beer for oyster pairing, beer lovers got to experiment with their tasting tokens and experiment they did! For two years in a row, a stout beer has NOT ended up as the winner.

The winner is…

Silver-City-FatSilver City Fat Woody Scotch Ale

Here are the top five beers to pair with oysters:

  1. Silver City Fat Woody
  2. Fort George Quick Wit
  3. Fremont Summer Ale
  4. Silver City Ziggy Zoggy Summer Lager
  5. Fort George Murky Pearl Oyster Stout

Sip & Slurp Voting

To be honest, before the event, we thought it was the Murky Pearl Oyster Stout’s competition to lose. Instead a big, boozy, malty scotch ale took top honors for 2013. I guess the malty sweetness was an excellent contrast to the saltiness of the oysters for a delicious salty sweet mouthful. Light and crisp summer ales took the next three spots as a number of participants opted for lighter beers to complement their oysters. Surprisingly, Fort George’s Quick Wit came out on top of their Murky Pearl Stout.

sip_slurp_oystersWhat is your favorite pairing with raw oysters?