Dec 17

Pliny the Elder Fundraiser

plinyRussian River’s Pliny the Elder is a highly allocated and highly coveted beer.  Wine World & Spirits has a small quantity of this 100 point beer to sell. Often Piny the Elder is reserved for a store’s best customers or sells out within hour of landing on the shelf.

murrayInstead of offering a lottery or a first come, first serve race, Wine World is holding a fundraiser for our friend, legendary bartender Murray Stenson, on December 19th. Like many in the food and beverage industry, Murray doesn’t have health insurance. Murray is dealing with a severe heart condition that will require open heart surgery. In response, beverage lovers from near and far have been coming together to raise funds for his surgery, MurrayAID.

Here is an opportunity to get your hands on some Pliny the Elder and help someone out at the same time. Between 6-8pm December 19th, Wine World will be taking silent auction bids on bottle price for a Pliny the Elder. Any amount over $7.99 will go to MurrayAID. At 8pm, the person with the highest bid can buy up to 6 bottles of Pliny for their bid price per bottle. For example if $15 bid wins, the winner can buy up to 6 bottles of Pliny the Elder at $15 each. The second highest bidder can purchase up to 3 bottles. The third highest bidder can buy 1 bottle and we go own the line until all the bottles of Pliny the Elder are gone.