Jan 03

New Geuze

WINE WORLD and Spirits is pleased that we are now carrying Oude Geuze Boon beer as part of our sour beer selection. Boon Oude Geuze is the flagship beer of Brouwerij Boon.  Frank Boon lobbied the European Union to get GTS, “Guaranted Traditional Specialty,” status for lambic style beers like Geuze Boon.  If the word “Oude” in the name of the beer, that beer has been brewed using traditional methods and ingredients.

geuzeThe Geuze Boon is an opaque amber color with a tight lacy  and persistent head. It has miniature “bubbles” more like champagne than most beers. The nose is strong, lemony and grassy but the aroma dissipates into something more subtle after being in the glass  for a few minutes. On the first sip, this beer tastes a lot like a dry champagne then by midpalate the sour transforms to a strong bitter. The bitterness isn’t hoppy but more like the pith of a lemon. The finish is like refreshing lemon ade on a hot summer day. I really liked the clean and bright finish. This beer is a great palate cleanser. If you have been drinking hoppy monster beers, this Geuze Boon might actually might be able to clean your palate.

The Geuze style of Belgian sour beer pairs well with food. I turned a sour hater to a sour lover by pairing the Geuze with cheese.  I envision this Geuze Boon would pair with well with seafood, salty and/or greasy foods. I am thinking pub food like mussels with squirt of lemon, salty charcuterie or potato skins. The flavor of this sour beer is strong so you want to serve it with food that can stand up to its bold flavor.

I don’t think I would want to gulp down this bottle of  Belgian beer myself, a little bit goes a long way.  I think this Geuze is best split with a friend over a meal. Beer, food and friend, could you ask for more?