Beer: The Other Bubble

Hoppy New Year

Beer: The Other Bubble

Many will celebrate the New Years Eve with a flute of champagne. But what if beer is more your kind of bubble beverage? No worries! You got a lot of beer choices to make your New Years great and I am NOT talking about Miller “the champagne of beers“!

HoppyNewYearBeerThe old adage is

“champagne tastes on a beer budget”

but you can find beers as elegant, complex and effervescent as champagne or another type of sparkling wine. I recently tasted a Belgian lambic, Oude Gueze Boon, that feels like drinking a dry champagne the fancy cork may fool your friends!

St. Bernardus Abbot 12 is another Belgian Ale that is complex enough to stand up to most sparkling wines. This beer has layers of flavor that capture your attention but still enjoy your party.

DeuS, Bosteels Brewery is for the beer lover that wants the champagne experience
” After being fermented in Belgium, it’s shipped to France to undergo a process called “riddling” in which the bottles are angled and rotated to trap the sediment in the neck.

“It’s the only beer in the world that spends a full year in the champagne caves of France”

Very similar to champagne,

“with some mint, peach, and anise. And it should be served cold–out of a champagne flute.”

Whatever is in your glass this New Years, have a Hoppy New Year!