Phil Massey (Wine Buyer – Washington)

Phil, aka “Sammy,” is the most upbeat guy on the floor.  He is full of boundless energy, and everyone knows when Phil walks in the door.  This same energy bursts through when he shares his knowledge of wine.  ”It feels like Christmas when I get to come to work at Wine World and talk to customers about wine.”

Phil got in the wine business in 2004, selling wine at Central Market in Shoreline and then Greenwood Market’s Wine and Beer department in 2008.  After a short time at Pete’s in Bellevue Phil saw the light, and came to Wine World.

Phil is committed to making Wine World a huge success.



Randy Wagers Wine World

Randy Wagers, CSW, CSS (Spirits, Sake, and Wine Sales)

Randy has been working in wine sales, and was our Oregon buyer, since joining us. He is now transitioning to our Spirits department!

Randy also loves to talk about wine! His passion for learning about wine began on a road trip through California in 1979. He then went on to work in both retail and wholesale wine, and was an active member in Les Amis Du Vin wine club. After leaving the wine business for many years, he began classes at Northwest Wine Academy at South Seattle Community College in 2010. This led him to the Wine & Spirits Educational Trust (WSET) Level 3 Advanced certification program (passing with distinction) in June 2013, and  the Society of Wine Educators CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine) certificate in July 2013. He additionally earned the Society of Wine Educators CSS (Certified Specialist of Spirits) in August of 2014. He started at Wine World as Arnie Millan’s intern in Feb. 2013, and now shares his knowledge on the sales floor.



Marty Scrafford (Bookkeeping)photo (1)
Ever since Marty experienced the flavors of an orange and olive braised lamb paired with a  Montepulciano D’Abruzzo she has never been the same. Synergy was the experience. Its from the  Greek word synergia, συνέργεια, from synergos, συνεργός, meaning “working together”. In this case, when food and wine interact to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects.  This was an OMG moment, and Marty has been looking to recreate that experience ever since.

This led Marty to attend the Northwest Wine Academy at South Seattle Community College to study Wines of the World and Wine and Food Pairings. This knowledge  has greatly broadened her appreciation of wines from around the world and led to her continued search for synergistic pairings.



isabelaIsabela Parra Galiano  (Spain Wine Buyer and Wine Enthusiast)

Isabela graduated in Technical Architecture/Construction Engineering, earned a Master Degree in Interior Design and worked in that field until she moved from Spain to Seattle, four years ago. Missing her culture, food and wine so much lead her to enroll in the Northwest Wine Academy’s wine program, where she graduated last December.

Isabela also earned her WSET (Wine & Spirits Educational Trust) Level 3 Advanced Award with Merit and is preparing for the Italian Wine Specialist Certification course organized by the North American Sommeliers Association (NASA). In addition, she worked as a guide/translator for a wine tour in Northern Spain and Portugal.

Isabela is very passionate about spreading her culture, talking about varietals, geography, soils, traditions and food from Spain, the Mediterranean and Europe in general. And she delivers that enthusiasm to the customers. She also schedules and coordinates the Wine and Spirits Tastings at Wine World.

Old World wines make her feel closer to home. Wines from Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Toro, Bierzo, Bordeaux left bank, Rhône, Loire Valley, Amarone, Brunello, Sherry and Port are among her favorites.

Isabela is very interested in music, literature, classic movies, history and art.

You can reach Isabela at:



Keith Fisher (Beer Man)keith 2

Keith is a pretty awesome and laid back guy. He also loves good beer. Whether he’s filling your growler or stocking up on the best local brews, he’s always happy to lend a helping hand on a beer recommendation. If you’re looking for a couple of 22 oz bombers, a few cases of Washington’s finest ales, or even a great cider, Keith’s your man. Come see him at our Growler Bar for our Beer Wednesday tastings from 6-8pm every Wednesday!






Adam Shelden (Receiving Manager)

Adam was born and raised in Washington.  He spent his childhood around a family friend’s winery White Heron Cellars, where the wine bug was caught at an early age.  After attending South Seattle’s Northwest Wine Academy he recieved an internship through Ste Michelle Wine Estates at Walla Walla’s Spring Valley Vineyard.  Where he learned how to make Walla Walla Reds while working the 2010 harvest.  As well as connecting and becoming friends with many of the states established and up an coming winemakers.  Adam hopes to one day have his own Biodynamic Estate Vineyard and Winery.




James Cliff (Spirits)James Cliff

James grew up in a world where the choices for food and beverage were between bad and boring. Fast food was normal, wine came in boxes, and iceberg was the lettuce of choice. Once he discovered there was more, he never looked back.

James came of age during the craft beer boom so beer was his first love. IPAs were a revelation! He soon found himself in the food and beverage industry, which has been his passion and career for almost ten years. James received the best wine education possible from the staff at The Wild Ginger, one of the best wine programs in the world, and he has credentials from the International Sommelier Guild as well as the Court of Master Sommeliers.

In recent years his focus turned to spirits and has been centered on the subject ever since. James is thrilled to join the Spirits team at Wine World & Spirits where his personal commitment to quality, craft, and diversity is matched by the mission of the store.



David CoanDavid Coan (Special Orders)

David, a Quartermaster Sommelier accredited by the Court of Master Sommeliers, joins us in the Special Orders department after a long tenure in the wine industry. As a wine instructor, he holds superior knowledge and experience in customer service, sales, event planning, hospitality, and all things

David says, “I love the food and beverage industry, working with the public and staying abreast of new industry trends.” With his new role in Special Orders, David is the one to contact if you are placing a large order for an event, placing an order for a item not currently on our shelves, or looking for a rare or exclusive wine.