WineWorld-staff-ArnieArnie Millan
Buyer, Private Client Service Director, and Educator.
Arnie has been in the Wine Industry for over two decades and he has been a dedicated aficionado and student of wine for over 35 years. He has owned an award winning and beloved restaurant, Avenue One and he has worked as a buyer in the retail wine business for over 10 years.He has taught wine classes for over 14 years and is a mentor and tutor to students aspiring to Master Sommelier certification.

As a collector, Arnie has participated in numerous private tastings of great older European wines featuring some of the world’s greatest and rarest wines. He is an expert in old and rare wines.

As a buyer, Arnie has had the good fortune to travel frequently to Europe’s great wine regions on buying trips. He has attended wine fairs in France, Germany and Italy and Arnie has also enjoyed the en primeur tastings introducing the new vintage at Bordeaux’s finest châteaux – a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Arnie speaks fluent French and German with a dollup of Italian.