Locally owned and operated, Wine World and Spirits is located just outside the heart of downtown Seattle. Located right off the highway at 45th and I-5 in Wallingford, Wine World and Spirits is proud to be the best one stop shop for all of Seattle’s wine and liquor needs. We have a trained staff of passionate Wine, Beer, and Spirits experts ready to answer your questions and get you your drinks.

Looking for something exotic to drink? If it’s possible to get in the state of Washington, we can get it for you. Just ask for our Special Orders team and we’ll hunt down just the right drink for you.

WINE WORLD is continuing to grow and expand our range of wines, beer, spirits cheeses, chocolates, and gifts. Come by and support the locally owned superstore, the only one of its’ kind in the Northwest, and raise a toast to the vision and determination of hard working professionals who also love wine and have brought you not just an incredible selection but also a sensory experience you won’t soon forget.

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Julie Porter General Manager  Arnie Millan Buyer, Private Client Service Director, and Educator. Arnie has been in the Wine Industry for over two decades and he has been a dedicated aficionado and student of wine for over 35 years. He has owned an award winning and beloved restaurant, Avenue One and he has worked as …

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Wine World Seattle Tequila Spirits Experts


Phil Massey (Wine Buyer – Washington) Phil, aka “Sammy,” is the most upbeat guy on the floor.  He is full of boundless energy, and everyone knows when Phil walks in the door.  This same energy bursts through when he shares his knowledge of wine.  ”It feels like Christmas when I get to come to work at Wine World and talk to customers about wine.” Phil …

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